Surface Cleaning

Tungsten Rejuvenation

Is a process that breaks up the hard playing surface . Or and Debris that have accumulated on the surface such as red loan.

Synthetic Surface Cleaning

The process of cleaning & lifting the pile of an synthetic surface is very important, this process should be carried out on a regular basis 3 to 4 time a year,If you will have a regular maintenance on your synthetic surface this will increase the life of your turf. And the pile will be rejuvenated. It also spreads the sand out evenly over the area, especially in hockey were the surface has been regularly hit with hockey sticks.

This process increases the playing ability and ball speed (No bouncing).

Also the main entrance sections to any oval or hockey field receives more traffic than the rest of the turf the pile will become flat and brushing it up will lift the pile and reduce flat spots in the surface.