There is an increasing demand for this new form of synthetic fibrillated lawn, which looks like the real thing and is ideal for suburban gardens and a variety of commercial and government applications.

Landscaping range:

evergreen premium - lawn grass - eco 4g - ideal 40

Below we have compiled a small selection of products we use for each sporting arena.


Supergrasse tennis synthetic grass courts offer a range of systems suitable for all applications. Supergrasse courts are ideal surfaces for clubs, colleges and private home applications. The durability of Supergrasse courts is excellent as is the natural grass-like appearance and playability.

others include: Top 10 - center court - super grass tennis - pro bounce


Supergrasse cricket wickets have evolved over years of experience and research and development.  Wickets are tailor made to meet exact ball characteristics and playability desired by individual clubs and associations.  Supergrasse cricket wickets are available in a range of systems designed to meet entry level situations through senior club associations.

others include: test - shield - club - 3 stripe

Multi sports range:

Supergrasse turf systems are designed to perform at optimum levels across various sports.  STI offers variety of systems with and without elastic layer shock pads, short, medium and long pile with multi game line configurations.   Supergrasse multi-sport fields are ideal for high schools, colleges, community sporting associations and medium level competition facilities.

others include: MS 25 - ms220 - mst20